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Individuals who are familiar with gaming ought to understand that as early as Don’t forget national , , China’s State’s borders General Administration of Pursuit will be included from the national esports sports different categories.

procurement service provider companies can be thought to have a true birthright, not net Tour is “demonized” the black bloodline. With the country supposedly support and enthusiasm within the domestic gaming players, enemy should be the instant development of domestic electricity, but how does a higher risk in the end, not really that, we all recognized it, in fact domains have long expected associated with result , and in the uk to really develop igaming industry is a minor difficult. In contrast to our own neighbors South Korea, , WCG, quickly swept these world, a gaming power, why he will make money it, in my honest opinion there are two important things that can not be prevented first, money; Second, Columbia area is small, assist in the spread of multitude centers.

Cell phones are essential for them. Complete support of Southern area Korea’s largest conglomerate, Samsung, and Samsung, as Electronic Manufacturings manufacturers need no interfere with hobby content, so the entire process of WCG is standard, create a first-rate reputation. South Korea’s small size, a new publicity package consists of deep skill, this stage from the “Korean wave” attack is. That South Korea’s success on the inside China, why find it difficult to copy it That particular Korea has prevailed from the thing to analyze the company point of view, China is continually not the good world, such of Samsung Electronic Manufacturings brand, sponsors may not take into page only the taste of brand internet marketing.

Furthermore China’s pretty big area, dispersed population, is not favorable to the promotion, and national qualified activities without the right implementation of the type of company, all this one seriously restricted the creation of the domestic game playing. Certainly, these are just the basic regulations because, in Cina there are a lessening of itself, in strategy to promote a definite league, let individuals know, participation, tasks of people engaged in know that countless promotional costs Zuishaoyeshi level and through. And the mainstream media can not provide in TV, within the web media has particularly high cost, even most simple online cafe paste posters, is a hard task, not period consuming, the effects were very limited, various other words, electricity tournament out of the path is paved the way of the yuan, but not consequently in the state can really put in.